Nieland Family – Lifestyle 2016

Right after I pulled the trigger on doing this whole photography thing, my mom emailed and said, “I was thinking of something with the grandparents and grandchildren!” It was her brain child, and I absolutely love it (she gets my vision, but that doesn’t really surprise me being she’s my mother, am I right?). My vision with lifestyle photography is to capture moments that are real and everyday, those moments that hold the greatest memories but seem to have the least documentation; there may be occasional posing (and I’ll definitely click the shutter if you’re smiling my direction!), but the goal is to let you be you and I’ll be there to capture it.

So! This shoot. Mom had an itinerary of “the usual” things that happen at Gramma and Grampa’s house (not misspelled, it’s a family thing) and we jumped right in to the fun: Grampa took the kids for rides on his antique tractor-turned-lawn mower, going for several spins around the front lawn of the 20-acre country homestead; Gramma gave instructions on husking sweet corn for our supper; some of the kids took a whack at casting the fishing pole, under Grampa’s watchful eye; firewood was gathered from the wood pile; Gramma read stories while we waited for the bonfire to be kindled; and Gramma and Grampa were in high demand for help with hot dogs, s’mores, and general love and attention the entire night.

I love that my kids can enjoy the country where I spent the majority of my growing up years. Everything from the acres of grass and groves, to my mom’s shoe collection honoring each of her grandchildren, to my dad’s willingness to have the “little trippers” tag along on fishing and mowing adventures, makes me happy to have called this place home.



5 Comments on “Nieland Family – Lifestyle 2016

  1. Gorgeous photos! You did an amazing job – such great memories captured! I absolutely love the lifestyle photo concept.


  2. Totally love this – both the pictures AND the grandchildren! 🙂 I’ve already scrolled through the set multiple times. Many thanks! Superb job!


  3. fRon and Jan! Congratulations on your superb job of raising your family and having a child that lovingly has recorded it in pictures. It is worth a thousand words;…..and by the way Summerfest in Red :Lake Falls is the last 3 days in July, oops, actually last 2 days in July and 1st of August. Bethany is planning on having outdoor worship on the point by the Church that Sunday……….be fun to have you join us for old times sake.


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