Macy Family – Lifestyle 2016

When your grown children visit from out of state, it’s the perfect time for a photo shoot! This lifestyle session with the Macy family felt a bit like a family reunion for me too being I knew both of their kids and one of their married-in kids from high school (fun fact: I traveled overseas with one of them!). They are the sweetest family, welcoming me with hugs and catching up on how I’m doing.

Once we got rolling, it was yard games on the front lawn. The day was bright and sunny, but we managed to find some shady spots where we fended off mosquitoes in exchange for light that was a little easier on the eyes. Their property is on a beautiful water front, so of course I ended up rolling up my jeans and wading in for that “better shot”… who can resist?

I would apologize for the fact that half of the pictures are of their granddaughter… but she is adorable. And I’m pretty sure the entire family feels the same way, so I’ll consider myself forgiven.

After a stroll down their long winding driveway, we finished off with snacks and blueberries in the kitchen where, once again, little granddaughter Macy stole the show.


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