Minke Family – Lifestyle 2017

Last week on a rainy afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting the latest addition to the Minke family – their darling baby girl. I love meeting new babies in their homes; for several reasons, but especially because it allows the older sibling to get some limelight as well. After all, your home is where all those “Aaah! Don’t step on the baby!” and “Awww, he’s so sweet with the baby” moments are going to take place.

John and Stacy have such a calm presence with both their children, and their home was peaceful and joyful simultaneously. Older brother was an absolute ham for the camera (can’t get enough of those silly faces!), and little sister was sweet and easy the entire time. (Also, I have complete hair envy for Stacy’s perfect waves, anyone else with me?)

We kept everything laid back – older brother showed me his play room, baby snacked and snoozed, there was time to watch trucks out the window, everyone had time to relax and feel at ease, and that’s just the way I like it.

I’m in love with the little things that turn a house into a family home: crackers on the counter, bows on the end tables, a pacifier along the banister. This home is full of love.










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