Carter – Senior 2017

So this good-looking guy is my nephew. I had a blast taking his photos and getting an excuse to hang out with him (and his awesome mom) for a few hours. Speaking of awesome moms, she was a fantastic help behind the scenes – cracking jokes, poking fun to incur smiles, and disposing of abandoned under ware (thanks, whoever you were at the state park… that was disturbing).

Carter brought several of his interests and hobbies to this session – fishing, hunting, patriotism, and Grandpa’s old ’71 Chevy pickup. He and his mom opted for a two-session package. I love doing sessions in two parts! It allows me more time to get to know you, it’s not quite so much smiling in one sitting (sore cheeks!), and you get to take advantage of multiple scenery backgrounds. For these photos, we met twice over the course of a month and utilized both summer greens and fall colors. Win win!

As a side note, the amount of images I send to my clients often varies greatly depending on the variety of outfits and/or face expressions. This session had a PILE of photos simply because this guy is a riot, and his expressions were too good to not pass along. I joked to his mom I needed a separate folder for all the antics. Sad to say I didn’t blog them… (I try to be a conscientious photographer. 😉 ) But scroll on for the classic good stuff!


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