Kjelland Family – Lifestyle 2017

The Kjellands recently moved to a more spacious home outside of town, and they invited me over to not only capture shots of their kids (something I do with every lifestyle shoot) but also moments in their new home.

In addition to family portraits, we: 1) checked out the stick fort the kids built in the back 2) played with sidewalk chalk 3) climbed trees (okay, they did, not me) 4) showcased recent craft projects 5) roasted s’mores over a bonfire 6) posed some shots of what it looks like to do school at home and 7) popped popcorn for a movie night.

Wow! That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it. But the great part is that the only things on the agenda when I got there were to take portraits and make a bonfire. All the other stuff came about naturally as we relaxed and didn’t rush through the shoot. I wandered with the kids and they were able to showcase their pursuits and hobbies (older kids are so fun that way!) while their parents lit the bonfire. And then while marshmallows were being roasted, Jaci threw out the idea of capturing a few moments involving home school. I’m so glad we did! The shots in the living room, heads bent together in concentration, are my favorites from the evening.

Or maybe it’s the googly eyes over the popcorn bowl at the end… I can’t choose! So I’ll let you instead. šŸ™‚








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