Reegan – Senior 2017

Light rain? All-out thunderstorms? Bright sunshine? Warm sunsets? This session has them all! That’s because it was two… but that’s the beauty of a split session!

Reegan, her mother, and I met first in late August for the first half of her session. We knew it was overcast and there was a chance of rain, but we decided to give it a go anyway. Reegan had such a great attitude even though it was definitely chilly and the rain was moving in. She brought this awesome blanket that we utilized for both warmth and a super fun bohemian feel. We ended up getting rained out early from our first session, but the last few pictures we took down in the river in the rain (so cold! and dark!) are in my top picks – they’re just so unique and moody!

Our second session was in early October and the colors were perfect. (Not to mention her choice of sweater color – I’m in love!) Reegan’s love for nature was evident in her ideas for the shoot, and we had time to play around with some fun shots throughout the evening as well. (Cue the crazy-looking tree… and my “just stand there in between those branches and try not to get stabbed” directions. 😉 ) Reegan is lovely both inside and out and made shooting with her a breeze as well as a lot of fun.


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