Ver Steegs – Lifestyle 2017

This family! Leah and Chad and their two boys had me over on a Thursday morning to photograph a Christmas pajama session, and it was perfection.

Now, to begin, the pajama situation did not go precisely according to plan. There was one missing set of plaid pajamas, the set that would have been Chad’s. So Leah sent him to pick up another matching set. However, what ended up in the bag was not a set of plaid pajamas… but a Santa suit! Chad, being the great sport he is, looked at the Santa suit and thought, “Well, if this is what we’re supposed to wear, okay.” What a sport! And what a surprise when they realized the mix-up. I think it all turned out beautifully in the end, as well as having some laughs and a good story for later.

This breakfast was fun because it’s “Chad’s thing” to make breakfast for the family – I’m all about traditions, especially when it’s special things like Dad being home on a weekday morning to make breakfast. Dad cooking while Mom keeps youngest happy with more and more helpings of eggs? Typical morning here, and I love it. Leah even refrained from doing her hair for the shoot, and I was so happy! Seriously, it made my day that she was willing to show me what her mornings normally look like without extra frills.

I may or may not have been drooling over Leah’s fabulous selection of throw pillows and Christmas decor. And when Chad told me they’re avid paper plate users, I felt right at home. (If I was a millionaire, I would use disposable dishes for everything except fancy occasions, which would require China. There is no in-between. Haha).

The boys were a little serious at first, but by the end of the session they were warming up and giving me a few smiles. They got to play with motorcycles, Chad got to fix them… 😉

And the most exciting part? There’s an announcement coming… but you’ll have to scroll down to see what it is. 🙂




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