Getting to Know Each Other

Hey, I’m Johanna, and I love seeing the beauty that’s in everyday life. I’m named after my grandmother’s middle name, and it hardly ever gets pronounced right the first time. If you see me, odds are good I won’t be wearing any makeup. Even though I’m short, I can’t bring myself to prefer high heels. I’m pretty sure my love language is making food. My life is full to the brim: I am married to an aspiring writer who is also an established gadget nerd, and I have three boys who form a handsome, crazy, noisy herd, and one baby girl who they all adore. There’s no shortage of tears, laughter, weirdness and fun in our home. My greatest joy is uncovering the beauty in all those moments, and I would love to capture the same for you.

What’s your story? What are the beautiful/messy/amazing/crazy moments in your days that you want to remember for the rest of your life?


Photo by: Hailey Anne Photography

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