Culbertson – Family Mini 2018

This family is awesome. Adorable kiddos? Check. Teasing during couple photos? Check. All-around family mischief dynamic? Check check. (I didn’t include the photo bomb pictures… but they definitely happened. And everyone had to take their turn photo bombing the other family member’s portraits. hahaha)

The girls were full of energy and smiles, and they fought through the mosquitoes valiantly! And Bob and Whit are always a treat to photograph together – there is a 0% chance of boring with them. =D

See if you can spot the family photo where baby girl put her own dash of silly to the otherwise classic family portrait… ๐Ÿ˜‰





Bakers – Family Mini 2018

Okay, so this session was TECHNICALLY a mini session because we just did the kids. But these kids. And their faces. There were just so many! And every one made me laugh or chuckle and want to include it.

I have had the incredible privilege of taking pictures of several of these kids from the time they were babies until now. It makes me proud and nostalgic all at the same time. As a mom, I am fully aware of how much you are unaware of the changes in your sweet babies until you see them in a photograph and think, “When did they grow up and I missed it??” It’s one of the reasons that portraits of kids are important to me – it goes fast, and these captured moments help us remember each and every one of those beautiful growing up years.

These photos were taken right in their backyard, making the kids even more relaxed and comfortable. I even got to witness some Ninja warrior moves at the end of the shoot. (Far better than my own Ninja moves.)

They’re all hilarious and adorable, but the baby totally stole the show. I couldn’t help it. She’s impossibly cute. Don’t believe me? Look at the photos.


Hodgsons – Family Lifestyle 2018

I had the privilege of joining the Hodgson family at their home on a beautiful evening in September. They are such a welcoming family, making sure I was comfortable and welcoming me into their time together. Being this shoot included multiple generations, we made sure to get photos of Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids. And with a lifestyle session, we had time to relax and grab candids, photos of the couples (while the kids ran off some energy between group photos!), and the gorgeous property itself. The grandkids were even hunting for fresh strawberries growing along the front walk.

The Hodgson farm is home to a fantastic red barn, as well as many furry felines, a dog, and even a couple of horses (ah! my heart). One of my favorite moments from the evening was capturing Ken and Linda tending their grape vines – the sunset was in full color, and you could see how cherished this project is to both of them.

I loved how it was difficult to tell which kids belonged to which couple. This is a family of doting aunts, uncles, and even a great aunt! And at the end of the evening, everyone was rewarded with cookies for what a great job they did taking family photos. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Emmerts – Family 2018

What a bunch of fun these four are! The girls are lots of grins and giggles, and Brian and Jenny are just ridiculously cute together. They also have lots of fun as an entire family (keep an eye out for the “let’s take a picture with us and the atom sculpture” and the “let’s have dad photo bomb from the tree” shot as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I will always and ever say yes to family-born ideas for group photos; you’re a unique family, so let’s have your family photos show that!

It was a gorgeous evening, and we couldn’t have asked for better light. I also love the variety of poses, backgrounds, and groupings that we were able to achieve in a localized area.


My kiddos – Lifestyle 2018

I recently had a conversation with a friend regarding what things in life fuel our creativity and/or help that inevitable creative drive find a way out of us. I confessed I haven’t been taking as many pictures of my own kids lately, and that it inspires me less than it used to when I first began photography. But after the conversation, I was motivated to pick up my camera again for my own family, for my own enjoyment, at my own pace. And it was really good for me.

I love their silly faces. I love how their ridiculous, rambunctious crazy that makes them so happy. I love when a picture helps me really LOOK at them and realize how grown up they already are.

Daddy was practicing disc golf in the yard, the boys were being wild and crazy on the riding toys, and little sister was along for the ride. And one pair of orange sunglasses made the rounds.


Tesch Family – Families 2018

One of my favorite things in photography is getting to see people more than once! I had the pleasure of meeting the Tesch family over Christmas, and then again this summer. They are a fantastic family, hospitable and welcoming, and oh-so-relaxed. I was welcomed into their family reunion/barbecue/birthday gathering as they continued to prep food and greet the relatives with hugs and catching up. Being a fly on the wall and capturing those beautiful, simple, everyday moments that make up each family is such a privilege.

The relaxed time frame of a lifestyle session lets everyone loosen up, as well as being able to snag all the family pairings: aunt and niece and nephew? Sure! Grandparents and grand kids? Yes! Girl cousins? Definitely! Individuals of the kids? Perfect! You never know when you’re all going to be together next, and those pictures are treasures.

A friendly game of cards was in process the entire time I was there, the tent was pitched, puppies and dog pals were all over the place, and hugs were given to each and every person. Scroll on for summer family goodness.


Trisha & Riley – Engagement 2018

These two are so much fun! They were full of teasing and laughing the entire session. Trisha and Riley have been in each others’ lives for a while now, and you can tell they’re perfect for each other. I asked Riley at one point if Trisha ever stops laughing and he calmly said, “Nope.” I love it! Couples that laugh together stay together. I can’t wait for their wedding next summer!

We spent an hour together in Glenwood, enjoying Barsness Park and ending our time on the beach. The sunset was absolutely perfect, and they were both such great sports about me making them wade into the water. (And spin around and stand in trees and… well, you get the idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰