Hannah – Senior 2019

Ah! I do love my 2-part seniors. ๐Ÿ™‚ These two sessions were as vastly different as you could possibly get – our summer session took place during the fires happening in August, so the sky and air were incredibly hazy, and the sun was pink the entire day (I don’t normally edit my photos to give an HDR appearance, but there were a couple with the sun that I just had to include to show off how crazy the conditions were!); and then our winter session was, obviously, much colder and with the bright sky that winter brings. I love the variety of looks that the weather afforded us, and Hannah was sweet and gorgeous for both. Although her hair dramatically changed! Another perk of 2 different sessions is that you can show off both waist length and bob cut for your senior photos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For both sessions we spent the first portion of our time at her home, utilizing the stunning woods and greenery surrounding their property near Carlos. We visited a string of pine trees along the highway both times as well, and it was fun to compare and contrast the location during differing seasons.

Hannah’s outfits were utterly “her”, ranging from flannels to flowery dresses, and I love that! (We both agreed that the men’s department has far better flannels.) I think senior photos should be a reflection of YOU, and being able to incorporate her love of skiing and snowboarding made the shoot personal and a lot of fun.

Okay! Enough of me talking. First off, our summer session…


And the winter session!


Minners/Blombeck – Lifestyle 2018

The Minners and their extended family invited me to spend part of an afternoon with them over Thanksgiving weekend while they had family in town. It ended up being such a beautiful November day, we spent the entire session outside – taking pictures by their barns, in front of the old truck, and most of all by the bonfire in their adorably re-purposed corn crib.

Beth had selected special mugs for each member of the family, and every one of them was so fun! Hot chocolate was shared (along with stories from Grandpa), and the whipped cream and marshmallows were enjoyed all by themselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The three kids in this session were fantastic – the oldest was, hands down, the most cooperative guy I’ve photographed for a family session; and the two younger ones started out shy but brought lots of mischief and grins by the end! (I even got a snowball thrown at me. I felt so honored.)

I loved that we were able to include three generations in this family shoot, as well as having enough time to relax and give the kiddos an opportunity to get comfortable. Keep an eye out for those special great grandma pictures as you look through these!


Emily – Senior 2018

I’m thrilled to be showing off this two-part senior session. Emily and her mom selected the two-part senior session which allows you to fully utilize all these changing Minnesota seasons, and I get the marvelous fun of seeing you twice and getting to know you better. ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny enough, both of my shoots with Emily ended up being on days that were about 50 degrees – but one was in May, and the other was in October. Go figure!

For our first session, we scoped out all the blossoms and pretty flowers we could possibly find. Emily is a huge fan of hats, and she pulls them off with flair to spare. I love that she brought so much of her personality to our sessions, both in her outfit choices (make sure you catch the “Slay All Day” shirt and that AMAZING mustard yellow cardigan) and playful posing.

Another personal touch, which I was honored to capture, was mementos of her grandfather who had passed away. Being close to her grandfather, she wanted to remember him during these photos of her senior year and the impact his passing had on her this year.

This girl brings it all: willingness to follow me around to weird locations, sense of humor, fantastic serious face, and the best burst-out-laughing sparkling eyes. But don’t take my word for it, check them out below!


And the fall beauties!


Micah – Senior 2018

It’s not often you get to have snow AND gorgeous fall colors in the same shoot, but it happened for this senior shoot! Micah and his mom, Heather, wanted to grab a fall shoot while we still had some color on the trees; Minnesota was determined to be cold, but we were more determined to get the photos! Micah was an absolute champion during this shoot, bringing fabulous, genuine smiles even while MY teeth were chattering. Heather had such a great eye for noticing which locations had great colors. And they were both on point with the color and texture selections for his outfits, they were perfect to compliment the leaves. Scroll on for the goodness!


Kjellands – Family Mini 2018

It was a glorious fall day (we found one!!), and the Kjelland kids brought their best smiles. Yearly portraits are so much fun for me, because I get to see these spirited, poke-fun, every-face-expression-imaginable kids grow into stunning young adults. They’re still silly, though. Anytime I photograph them, I know I’m in for a real treat looking through the photos later. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like to include a few of those candid faces in my image sets as well, because they’re secretly my favorites. Well, okay, now the secret is out. Time to look at pictures.


Culbertson – Family Mini 2018

This family is awesome. Adorable kiddos? Check. Teasing during couple photos? Check. All-around family mischief dynamic? Check check. (I didn’t include the photo bomb pictures… but they definitely happened. And everyone had to take their turn photo bombing the other family member’s portraits. hahaha)

The girls were full of energy and smiles, and they fought through the mosquitoes valiantly! And Bob and Whit are always a treat to photograph together – there is a 0% chance of boring with them. =D

See if you can spot the family photo where baby girl put her own dash of silly to the otherwise classic family portrait… ๐Ÿ˜‰





Bakers – Family Mini 2018

Okay, so this session was TECHNICALLY a mini session because we just did the kids. But these kids. And their faces. There were just so many! And every one made me laugh or chuckle and want to include it.

I have had the incredible privilege of taking pictures of several of these kids from the time they were babies until now. It makes me proud and nostalgic all at the same time. As a mom, I am fully aware of how much you are unaware of the changes in your sweet babies until you see them in a photograph and think, “When did they grow up and I missed it??” It’s one of the reasons that portraits of kids are important to me – it goes fast, and these captured moments help us remember each and every one of those beautiful growing up years.

These photos were taken right in their backyard, making the kids even more relaxed and comfortable. I even got to witness some Ninja warrior moves at the end of the shoot. (Far better than my own Ninja moves.)

They’re all hilarious and adorable, but the baby totally stole the show. I couldn’t help it. She’s impossibly cute. Don’t believe me? Look at the photos.