Boyd Family – Lifestyle 2018

The Boyd family welcomed me into their home on a Saturday morning for a lifestyle session. Steve runs his own business, and the fact that they carved time out of their schedule for our session was a huge blessing to me (and I had to include the picture where the phone is in hand… if that’s not real-life as a business owner, I don’t know what is!). I was so excited to be there – not only are they an awesome family, but Talitha is an incredible decorator, and they’ve done so much work to their new(ish) house since moving in a few years ago. I love seeing the unique ways that each person gives a signature touch to their home!

We started out the afternoon by playing a board game and letting everyone get comfortable with the idea that I was wandering around with a camera. 😉 From there it was family portraits, and this family is THE BEST tickling family I have photographed yet! I love love love it. We moved outside to stretch our legs and change the scenery for a bit, but the wind proved to be less hospitable than I thought, and we scurried back inside.

During a lifestyle session I like to showcase each person in the family, especially the kids, and it was a privilege to have each of the Boyd kids show me something they love to do or have recently been working on – everything from a musical piece to a sketch book to spelling words with fridge magnets. Having picture memories of those milestones is priceless.

I asked what a family activity was, and the kids very calmly replied, “Wrestling Dad.” And yes… we got photo evidence of that too. 😉






4 Comments on “Boyd Family – Lifestyle 2018

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words and beautiful pictures! You’re very talented and so good at making everyone feel comfortable!


  2. Oh, my goodness! I love these pictures so much! You captured my precious family excellently! Thank you for sharing them! Elaine


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