Blossoms – Mini session 2018

Sisters that get your butt out the door and taking pictures while the blossoms are in bloom are awesome. 😉 Shannon initiated this mini afternoon photo shoot, and I’m so glad she did! She and her little man brought lots of adorable smiles to this shoot, hilarious reactions to grass (mostly baby ;), and a willingness to try new poses and endless tosses in the air.

The day started out ridiculously windy, and I was skeptical the babies would enjoy it. Then it started raining as I was driving there. Hmmm. When I  got there, we ducked inside the greenhouse nearby to see if it would blow over. Sure enough! Our patience was rewarded with no rain, only a calm breeze, and super lush colors. I’m in love with all of these.

Also, we made Hailey get in front of the camera for a few, even if she didn’t “dress up” for the occasion. Pretty sure she makes workout shorts and a messy bun look glamorous anyway, and her mini-me just kills me with those grins.


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