Bakers – Family Mini 2018

Okay, so this session was TECHNICALLY a mini session because we just did the kids. But these kids. And their faces. There were just so many! And every one made me laugh or chuckle and want to include it.

I have had the incredible privilege of taking pictures of several of these kids from the time they were babies until now. It makes me proud and nostalgic all at the same time. As a mom, I am fully aware of how much you are unaware of the changes in your sweet babies until you see them in a photograph and think, “When did they grow up and I missed it??” It’s one of the reasons that portraits of kids are important to me – it goes fast, and these captured moments help us remember each and every one of those beautiful growing up years.

These photos were taken right in their backyard, making the kids even more relaxed and comfortable. I even got to witness some Ninja warrior moves at the end of the shoot. (Far better than my own Ninja moves.)

They’re all hilarious and adorable, but the baby totally stole the show. I couldn’t help it. She’s impossibly cute. Don’t believe me? Look at the photos.


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